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Cast13 design and manufacture top quality, cutting edge, unique alloy wheels for performance road cars. Our designs are highly distinctive and exclusive. We combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. Many of our wheels are directional and can be purchased in staggered fitments. All of our alloy wheels are JWL, VIA approved and are built to industry leading ISO9001 standards.

We are a young company with big ambitions. We understand modern day wheel styles and trends and always try to deliver something a little different. Our wheels are manufactured to the highest standards; quality, fit and finish are key to the continual growth and success of our brand. Our wheel sizes and offsets are carefully calculated for functional fitment, aggressive looks and to make our wheels look as good as they possibly can on your vehicle. A perfect balance of form and function.

  • Cutting Edge
    Wheel Designs
  • Perfect Balance
    of Form & Function
  • Superior
    Quality & Craftsmanship

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