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EBC Bremsevæske BF307+

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EBC Bremsevæske BF307+

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500 ml. EBC BF307+ Racing Brake Fluid (normalt antall er 1 liter pr. bil inkl. flushing)


EBC sub contract the blending of its brake fluids to a UK based sister Company who is specialised in OE
supply of quality brake fluids and are considered a suitable quality partner. EBC offer four grades of brake fluids 
for the market basically separated into two families, very different in their chemistry, Glycol fluids and Silicone Fluids.

EBC BF307+ Racing Brake Fluid offers the utltimate high performance Glycol based brake fluid for use in motorcycles,
cars and ATV machines. This fluid can be used in any system designated for DOT 3 or DOT 4 Glycol fluids. For ideal results
the system must be fully purged by flushing through with the BF307+ fluid. Replace/flush fluid through regulary to maintain
optimum performace. As a guideline this should be every 3/4 weeks or 200 racing miles. Replace more frequently in damp
conditions. This DOT 4 motor vehicle brake fluid conforms to FMVSS 571.116.

Must not be used in certain Citroen and other cars requiring mineral oil, nor in vehicls fitted with magnesium alloy cylindres or reservoirs.

Boiling point...Exceeds 307°C avarage.
Wet boiling point...Exceeds 196°C avarage. 

*Cannot be mixed with Dot 5 silicone fluids.*


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Info 500 ml.
Varekode BF307
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